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Evelyne Faye
Book author

The Way You Shine

A Film by Evelyne Faye
A 2022, 80 min.

The Way You Shine is a film about the search for happiness; about the effort and courage to live a self-determined life; about the normality of being different and the necessity of inclusion.

Film Trailer


Internationale Hofer Filmtage, 2022

This Human World, International Human Rights Film Festival, 2022

Human Vision, 2023

Diagonale, 2023

Calendar Special Screenings in Austria and Germany

Poster of the film "The Way You Shine"

Book a keynote with Evelyne Faye

Book my inspiring keynote for your corporate events now and let's address the topics of inclusion and diversity together. I firmly believe that the diversity of our society enriches and inspires us. As an experienced speaker and ambassador, I present these topics with ease and personal relevance. Raise awareness for important social issues and promote an inclusive society.

Illustrations by Birgit Lang of the book "You Are Here"

Illustrations by Birgit Lang

You Are Here
And You Are Beautiful

A book written by Evelyne Faye and illustrated by Birgit Lang.
Design/Cover design: Jo Jacobs

A beautiful poetic illustrated book about the experience of having a child with Down syndrome.

*Print edition only available in German

Here & Beautiful
The App

The App - You Are Here, brings the topic of Down syndrome closer to people of all ages in a playful way.

The app brings the illustrations to life, making them touchable and tangible. The book becomes an interactive experience through wonderful animations by Birgit Lang and the voice of Evelyne Faye, who reads the texts in three languages, as well as additional music and sound effects by Jo Jacobs.

Illustration of a sleeping girl by Birgit Lang
Foto von Evelyne Faye

About Evelyne Faye

Born and raised in Paris, Evelyne Faye moved to Germany at 19 and studied economics and Romance languages.

After a few years in the documentary film industry, which involved numerous changes of location, she came to Vienna, where she first worked in an international NGO. After 2016 she returned to film and is currently working as a director.

In March 2012, her daughter Emma Lou was born - diagnosed with Down syndrome:
"In the beginning, I felt completely lost and confused. On the one hand, I didn't want to confront a reality that I basically had a hard time accepting; on the other hand, I wanted to understand what it meant."

"To understand" was my motivation to first write my first book and then direct a film: as a positive message for those affected and for everyone else who is aware of the diversity of people and appreciates it as an enrichment.

Because happiness is not determined by a diagnosis.

At the top: Illustrated portrait by Birgit Lang



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