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About me

As a filmmaker, author, and keynote speaker, but above all as a passionate mother, I firmly believe that we can create an inclusive and tolerant world with humor and creativity.

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Evelyne Faye, born in France, is an award-winning director, author, and keynote speaker.

After studying economics and Romance languages in Germany, she delved into the documentary film industry, assuming various roles such as assistant director and production manager for numerous international productions. These roles led to multiple relocations before she finally settled in Vienna and joined the local Doctors Without Borders team.

In 2016, after earning a master's degree in Intercultural Competence, she reignited her passion for filmmaking.

The birth of her daughter Emma Lou in March 2012, diagnosed with Down syndrome, marked a pivotal moment in Evelyne's life. This experience redirected her career towards advocating for minorities, with a focus on promoting inclusion, tolerance, and diversity.

In 2014, she released the book "You Are Here - And You Are Beautiful," featuring illustrations by Birgit Lang and design by Jo Jacobs. This book was the basis for an interactive audiobook app launched in 2022.

Her forthcoming book, "Das Dingsda," also illustrated by Lang, is scheduled for release in December 2023.

Evelyne's debut documentary film "The Way You Shine" premiered in Austrian cinemas in 2023.

Showcased at international festivals such as Hofer Filmtage 2022, This Human World 2022, Diagonale 2023, and Human Vision 2023, the film earned the Franz Grabner Award for Best Cinema Documentary Film of the year and a nomination for the Romy 2023.

As a dedicated keynote speaker, Evelyne offers her expertise to corporate events, universities, organizations, and schools. Her engaging keynotes challenge perceptions and inspire a transformative shift towards a more inclusive society.

Evelyne lives and works in Vienna with her three wonderful children.

Her guiding principle is: "Each person should be considered as a universe with an infinity of possibilities."


Do you have suggestions or questions and would like to get in touch with me? I'm looking forward to hear from you!

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