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Film & Talk from Evelyne Faye

"In our diversity lies our strength, and through it, we can enrich and learn from one another."

Evelyne Faye is a French filmmaker, author, and keynote speaker based in Vienna.

Her deep connection to inclusion and diversity stems from her experience as a mother of a daughter with Down syndrome.

With humor and authenticity, she advocates for an inclusive society and corporate culture.

Her presentations, infused with expert knowledge and personal stories, inspire and touch the heart. Her unique concept, combining film screenings, talks, and audience discussions, is perfectly suited for corporate events, annual leadership meetings, employee gatherings, university, and school events.

She champions the idea of moving beyond the traditional concept of integration, advocating ford inclusion in all areas of life.

With her expertise and authenticity, she deeply resonates with her audience, inspiring them to actively contribute to an inclusive society.

As Seen in the Media

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Evelyne Faye deeply touched us with her keynote at the balanceUP Summit 2023.

She shared her very personal story, her approach to it, and the lessons she learned from it.

She struck right into the hearts of the audience."

Lisi Molzbichler, Managing Director of balanceUP GmbH


Keynote Topic one

Inclusion in Fokus: Film & Talk

In this keynote, I provide profound insights into the core themes of the film and share poignant behind-the-scenes moments of this passionate plea for inclusion.

My goal: to inspire, educate, and encourage active participation in creating an inclusive society.

For me, inclusion goes beyond the mere concept of integration. It's not just about integrating individuals into society; rather, it's about recognizing everyone, regardless of disabilities or any form of 'otherness,' as a valuable part of our community from the outset and enabling them to live self-determined lives.

My USPs as a Speaker:

  • Film & Talk Combination: I combine the screening of my film with inspiring talks that motivate the audience to advocate for a more inclusive world.
  • Personal Insights: In my keynotes, I not only share the film's themes but also my personal experiences and the stories behind the film's creation.
  • Interactive Exchange: Following my talks, I offer film discussions and Q&A sessions to facilitate direct interaction with the audience.

Benefits for Your Target Audience:

  • Change of Perspective: The film allows participants to immerse themselves in an often-overlooked world full of possibilities and inspirations, breaking through common stereotypes.
  • Profound Insights: My personal stories and experiences, combined with the moving moments from the film, convey a deeper understanding of the necessity and value of inclusion in our society.
  • Motivation to Take Action: The listeners are not only inspired but also motivated to actively engage in creating a more inclusive society and spreading the message of inclusion.

Keynote topic two

Resilience through Creativity

In this keynote, I take you on an inspiring journey that begins with the birth of my daughter, Emma Lou, and her diagnosis, leading to a profound realization about the power of resilience. I share my personal experiences and how they led to creative forms of expression, such as writing and filmmaking.

My USPs as a Speaker:

  • Personal Experience: My presentations are deeply rooted in my own life story, which lends them a unique authenticity and emotional depth.
  • Creative Background: I draw upon my experiences in creative work, especially from projects like books and films, to illustrate how challenges can be transformed into opportunities.
  • Commitment to Inclusion: I am dedicated to promoting an inclusive society. Through awareness-building efforts, I passionately advocate for equal opportunities for every individual.

Benefits for Your Target Audience:

  • Profound Insights: Participants will not only be inspired but will also receive concrete tools and strategies to build resilience in their own lives.

  • Awareness of Inclusion: By sharing my story with Emma Lou, I promote a deeper understanding and awareness of inclusion and the importance of equal opportunities.

  • Motivation to Take Action: Listeners are encouraged to apply the presented approaches in their lives to emerge stronger from challenges and further their personal development.

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