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Evelyne Faye
Film Director
Keynote Speaker

Portraitfoto von einem Mädchen



A Film by Evelyne Faye
A 2022, 80 min.

Illustration von einem schlafenden Mädchen von der Illustratorin Birgit Lang

For Families, Educators, and Healthcare Professionals

Keynote Speaker

In a special format, I combine film screening and keynote.
I share moving stories from the film and my experiences as a mother of a daughter with Down Syndrome.
As a dedicated speaker, I advocate for diversity and promote awareness of inclusion.
Together, we can expand our horizons beyond the limits of integration because inclusion is a fundamental human right.


The Way You Shine

A Film by Evelyne Faye
A 2022, 80 min.

The Way You Shine a film about the search for happiness; about the efforts and courage to lead a self-determined life; about the normalcy of being different and the necessity of inclusion.

Filmplakat von Lass mich fliegen der Regisseurin Evelyne Faye

Watch the trailer here:


Internationale Hofer Filmtage, 2022
This Human World, International Human Rights Film Festival, 2022

Human Vision, 2023

Diagonale, 2023

Franz Grabner Award for Best Cinema Documentary Film 2023

Now available online here: Cinema VOD club and Vimeo

"A heartwarming film."

Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 23.35.11.png

THE WAY YOU SHINE exposes one's own prejudices, empowers you to stand up for your personal dreams, and, above all, does one thing: it's a lot of fun!

Jury Statement Franz Grabner Award

"The optimism and the strong determination for a self-assured life are contagious to the audience - and they uplift even those who don't have to battle obstacles and prejudices on their journey to self-discovery."

Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 23.25.31.png

"Sensitive and touching."

"A humane portrait of marginalized individuals who stand up against exclusion and advocate for inclusion."

"Socially relevant, insightful, and 'about people!'


Inspirational illustrated books for young and old that invite awareness about life with disabilities, Down Syndrome, inclusion, family, sibling love, and more.

You Are Here And You Are Beautiful

dbd_600 x 465 dbd_buch_real.png_real.png

You Are Beautiful - The App


NEW: Das Dingsda - meine Schwester und ich

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About me

Evelyne Faye

As a filmmaker, author, and keynote speaker, but above all, as a passionate mother, I firmly believe that we can shape an inclusive and tolerant world with humor and creativity.

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